What Does A Heart Attack Feel Like

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What Does A Heart Attack Feel Like ?

A heart attack is a horrible experience to have. The first time a person has it, he or she may undergo a lot of stress physically and mentally. It is very suffocating and painful to have a heart attack. (See Reference 1)

There are several warning signs of a heart attack actually and if a person learns to recognize them then they could avoid having a heart attack easily. Do not wait when you start feeling some symptoms of the heart attack. It is worth having a medical exam done once you start experiencing these symptoms. When the heart is not functioning properly, you will start feeling dizzy and also may have fainting spells. Shortness of breath and headaches become common. Sometimes you may experience cold sweats and also the skin becomes clammy. Eventually these symptoms progress and you will start experiencing pain in the shoulders and arms. This pain may be progressing towards the chest. (See Reference 1)

The first time when a person experiences a heart attack they may not have a clue about what is going on. After a heart attack a person feels very weak. They may not have any strength in their limbs and also find it difficult to walk. Even to climb a few stairs may feel like climbing a mountain for them. The symptoms of heart attack like dizziness, pain in the chest area and shoulders and arms may continue to be persistent. Also, a person will experience headaches, dehydration like symptoms and confusion for a long time after a heart attack. Also, a person tends to panic a lot more after experiencing a heart attack. (See Reference 1)

During the recovery period the diet is limited to plain and simple food. So the person does not get immediate strength through diet either. During the hospitalization period since everything is taken care of they may not feel these symptoms. However, after a few weeks a person will continue to feel the symptoms which are further weakening. After a heart attack a person can also lose a lot of weight which will weaken their physique much further.

The recovery after a heart attack is gradual and systematic and that is why additional care is required. After suffering from a heart attack a person cannot even take care of their daily chores all by themselves. So they need family or attendants to take care of them. They may need to use a walking stick or a wheel chair to gain mobility. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are monitored regularly after a heart attack. Also, the medications that are required for thinning for blood can further cause weakness in a person. (See Reference 1)

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