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How Long Does Norovirus Last ?  

Noroviruses are kind of viruses that form groups, which cause most gastroenteritis and other intestinal disorders. Most noroviruses are caused by major food borne virus. Most often stomach viruses are also termed as stomach flu. It is a kind of respiratory disorder caused by influenza virus.

Other common symptoms of norovirus are vomiting, stomach cramping and diarrhea. Other symptoms include headache, muscle aches and chills. These can anywhere last or begin a day prior after getting infected or ingested with the virus. The person will feel extremely tired and feel very sick. Sometimes, people show no sign at all, whereas at times, it can be extremely infectious. Norovirus can easily last for 2 or 3 days or a week but definitely not more than that. It also affects younger audience than older. Most people with a very low immune system do face this disease. These viruses are contagious and can be found in stool as well as vomit.

They are air borne diseases and can pass through food, air and water. Most of the times, you are not advised to eat or drink food served or cooked by an infected person. Make sure you wash your hands and legs after coming from outdoors. Do not consume uncooked shellfish or any food that is stored in water. Drink as much water as possible as this will surely help to flush out the virus from the body. Make sure that you use antiseptic lotions, soap after changing diapers, before eating, after eating and before cooking food. Wash the vegetables thoroughly. Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy. If you suffer from this kind of virus, make sure that you do not cook food for your family. Ensure that you steam meat and other seafood items before grilling or frying.

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How Long Does Norovirus Last ?




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How Long Does Norovirus Last ? )
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