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Should I Go To Work With Pink Eye  

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis as it is known medically, can be because of a bacterium, virus or allergy. It can also be brought on if something enters the eye, like splashing of a chemical. Pink eye due to a bacterium or virus is highly contagious, and that is why those who are suffering from it should not go to work while they have the symptoms of the infection.

If the pink eye is caused due to a virus, no treatment other than hot compress is prescribed. The infection is allowed to run its course. However, at times, if the irritation is severe and the inflammation too much, then the person could be given anti-inflammation medication or eye drops. The person is infectious as long as he or she has the symptoms. The symptoms typically last for around three to five days, and during this period the person should not go to work.

If the pink eye is on account of a bacterium, the person will be prescribed antibiotic eye drops or ointment. Once the person starts the treatment, typically he or she can return to work after twenty-fours of starting the treatment.

If the pink eye is caused due to an allergy or chemical splash, it is not infective or contagious. So, a person can go to work with this type of conjunctivitis, and there are no restrictions as such.

Therefore, to figure out whether you can go to work with pink eye, it is imperative that the cause of the infection is known. If the infection is contagious, you cannot go to work whatsoever as you will put your co-workers and colleagues at risk.

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Should I Go To Work With Pink Eye




Symptoms-Of-Pink-Eye      Pink eye is medically known as conjunctivitis. In this infection, the conjunctiva, which is membrane lining the eyeball and the eyelids gets infected or gets inflamed. Anyone can get pink eye, but the infection is most commonly seen among children. More..




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