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Can You Die From Walking Pneumonia ?  

Pneumonia is a lung infection which fills the lung tissue with fluid and pus, and the oxygen supply to the lungs will become difficult. A patient with pneumonia will experience difficulty in breathing, and suffer from fever and cough, and sometimes from abdominal pain, chest pain and vomiting.

Viruses like the adenovirus and influenza virus cause pneumonia. Influenza H1N1 can also cause pneumonia. Viruses like respiratory syncytial virus can cause pneumonia in infants and kids. Pneumonia can also be caused by bacteria like streptococcus pneumoinae. Bacterial pneumonia makes people sicker then the viral pneumonia.

Walking pneumonia is the milder form of pneumonia where just one lung is affected. If both lungs are affected, it is known as double pneumonia. Walking pneumonia is so mild that you will not feel it. Walking pneumonia is also known as atypical pneumonia because it is not the same as bacterial pneumonia, and it can be seen in majority in teens. The microorganism which causes walking pneumonia is mycoplasma pneumoniae. The treatment for walking pneumonia is same as bacterial pneumonia.

Pneumonia can cause death, but is very rare, especially if the patient is a healthy adult. Variety of infection agents causes pneumonia, which include virus, bacteria, influenza, tuberculosis and others. The serious of all pneumonia is the bacterial pneumonia which has to be treated with antibiotics. Viral pneumonia is referred to as walking pneumonia, and usually the patient does not have to be hospitalized. If the teenagers are attacked by walking pneumonia, they are at the most treated as outpatients and need not be hospitalized. However, people who are aged or have other chronic illnesses can die if they suffer from walking pneumonia or double pneumonia.

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Can You Die From Walking Pneumonia




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Can You Die From Walking Pneumonia ? )
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