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How Long Is RSV Contagious ?  

Respiratory syncytial is caused by a virus that causes other minor respiratory disorders like cold and cough. This is observed both in adults as well as young children and causes severe pulmonary disorders like pneumonia and bronchitis. These viruses are mostly seen in the surroundings without a lasting effect. Most adults and kids do get infected.

This kind of viral infection is noticed in winters and early spring. Their overall effect can be seen for 6 months at least. Most newborn are easily infected by these viruses. Most of these have already caused bronchitis in infants below the age of 1. Once affected, the infection keeps repeating for a said period. Most of these infections again cause lot of other respiratory disorders like compromised cardiac and immune disorders.

It is again highly contagious and nobody is advised to be in close contact with the affected kid. Infections can occur on the nose, eyes, mouth and ear. The other major characteristics in infants are congestion, runny nose and wheezing. Once you complete childhood and have stepped into daily life, these infections might still cause some respiratory disorder.

The diagnosis of RSV can easily be tested in labs. Most labs will kind of use blood tests to diagnose this infection. You need to constantly keep yourself clean by washing your hands every time. The spread of RSV can be prevented by maintaining strict supervision and using gloves and gowns. The major concern for RSV in premature babies arises due to lack of antibodies. It depends on how the treatment goes on. If, the treatment lacks attention this infection can turn fatal for premature and new born babies.

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How Long Is RSV Contagious ?




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How Long Is RSV Contagious ? )
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