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RSV And Pregnancy  

RSV, or respiratory syncytial, is a kind of viral infection mostly prevalent during the cold seasons. It is a virus that is contagious and causes major infections in kids, infants and also women during pregnancy. The infection can surely turn fatal if not taken care or prevented. The virus causing this infection tries to live on the external part of the body.

Routine measures should be undertaken to prevent this kind of infection. Ribavirin is frequently used to cure RSV infection. You must remember that direct contact to Ribavirin is seriously going to cause problem for the fetus. Also, the damage should be administered in a way that the patient is on a ventilator. Make sure the process is undertaken in a closed room with no exposure to dust and smoke. Pregnant women need to be extremely careful.

The medication Ribavirin is usually given to the patient through a nebulizer. This sis completely safe and does not have any harmful effects. Now when this is administered on a non-ventilated person, it is done in some different form like a head box. This will surely recover almost 99 percent of the medication. Healthcare pregnant workers can also be exposed to Ribavirin and hence they need to wear gloves as well as an oxygen mask.

The other way to avoid getting such an infection is by avoiding cold products, consuming homemade food instantly. Make sure they bathrooms are kept clean. You also need to change the bed sheets regularly and wash them in antiseptic lotion. Avoid outside drinks and food. Have less of seafood and more of fresh fruits and veggies. Do not go in close contact with infected persons.

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RSV And Pregnancy




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