How Do You Get Rid Of Scabies ?

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How Do You Get Rid Of Scabies ?

Scabies are caused by insects and it is an infection of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and any infection or disease takes a very long time to cure. The insects burrow under the layers of skin and lay eggs. They do not go away by just bathing and keeping yourself clean.

These mites are also very contagious and any other person who comes in close contact with you is likely to get it. Scabies causes itchy rashes. The rashes are red and blotchy. You can also feel the mites under your skin. Scabies, if not treated on time, spreads to other parts of the body. They are more susceptible to spread to the warmer parts of the body. When you start scratching the itchy spots, then they turn into sores and also get infected.

First of all, start using topical antibiotic creams to treat the infection. The doctor will prescribe some ointments to apply over the rashes and you have to follow it diligently. Cut the source of scabies and make sure you wash all your clothes in medicated water. Wash even the bedding and other things you wear. One can get scabies from everywhere including the stuffed toys. These mites love the dust and usually live in it. Apply the antibiotic cream generously all over your body so that the rash and the mites do not spread to other parts of the body and arrest the mites in the spot of the rash. The antibiotic cream will actually kill them.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Scabies