What Are The First Signs Of Scabies ?

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What Are The First Signs Of Scabies ?

Scabies is a type of skin disease that is caused by mites. It is an extremely contagious disease and spreads on coming in contact with another infected person. Scabies can be treated by using topical creams and lotions prescribed by the doctor. In order to protect yourself from getting scabies, avoid coming in contact with people who are already infected and also wash your clothes in warm water.

Scabies mites get into the body through the skin and start burrowing. They also multiply once they are under the skin. They feed on human blood, and also need warm and moist places to multiply. When scabies mites are isolated from the body, they die within forty-eight hours.

The first sign of scabies is the itching feeling that does not seem to go away. The itchiness increases during the night, especially when you are sleeping. The itching is very intense and after you scratch a rash will appear on the skin. The rash will appear like a line of small blisters or like tiny red bumps on the skin. If you have been scratching the rash excessively, then it can become crusty and infected sometimes. The scabies rash can appear anywhere in the body. The most likely places are hidden form the exposed parts of the body. The rashes may appear between the fingers, in the folds of the body, under the arm pits or even the genitals. Buttocks and waistline are the prime places for infection of the mites. Children are more susceptible and it can occur on their entire body.

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What Are The First Signs Of Scabies