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Shingles And Vaccine Dangers  

Shingles refer to an upsurge or a rash in the way of nerve fibers, and it is often associated with a condition called acute neuralgia. Also popularly known as zoster or herpes zoster, shingles is extremely infectious in nature. It is, therefore, very necessary to administer shingles vaccine to develop a strong immunity against the disease.

The CDC has recommended vaccine for all adults more than sixty years old to develop immunity against shingles, chicken pox reactivation, and other conditions caused by the varicella zoster virus.

The chicken pox virus that remains dormant in the body for several years may lead to shingles, if reactivated. However, recent researches have revealed the possible dangers of these vaccines. It has been proved that a shingles vaccine can have several serious side-effects and therefore must be administered with utmost care. Some of the most common side effects include allergies, rashes, general weakness, body pain, feverish feelings, inflammation and swelling, and severe headaches.

There have been numerous cases wherein people developed allergies, rashes, digestive problems, and even got anaphylactic shocks, after taking the vaccine. Be it mild or severe, allergies of any kind are quite enough to prevent anyone from taking Shingles vaccine. Due to these allergies that a shingles vaccine may possibly cause, there has been a lot of debate over banning it. The vaccine also sometimes causes the individual to feel feverish and experience severe headache, body pain, and weakness. Some people have even experienced persistent swelling in various part of the body. It is due to these dangers and various side effects that most people fear taking the vaccine and a lot of medical research is being done to improvise the formulation.

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Shingles And Vaccine Dangers




What-Do-Shingles-Look-Like      Shingles are popular as infectious rashes associated with fever, weakness, headaches, and body pain. It is also a commonly known fact that the chicken pox virus, varicella zoster, sometimes remains in a latent form in patients and if reactivated, causes shingles in later years of the life. More..




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