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What Do Shingles Look Like ?  

Shingles are popular as infectious rashes associated with fever, weakness, headaches, and body pain. It is also a commonly known fact that the chicken pox virus, varicella zoster, sometimes remains in a latent form in patients and if reactivated, causes shingles in later years of the life.

If you do not know how shingles actually look like, you will never be able to differentiate them from other blistery rashes and get timely treatment for the same. As far as the appearance is concerned, they share a lot of similarities with chicken pox. Just similar to a pox, shingles appear like small bumps with tiny blisters on top. Shingles, like chicken pox, are reddish in color and typically cause an itching or burning sensation. With time, these blisters pop up and began crusting. But, there are many differences between the two conditions, which will help you in differentiating between them.

Unlike chicken pox that remains for a prolonged period, shingles last for hardly a week. Also, shingles look like clustered blisters and not like isolated pimples. Usually, in case of shingles, new blisters form on top of the older ones, making it even more painful. Moreover, they appear only on single side of the body in form of patches or rash bands. Most commonly, you can find them on one side of the face, abdomen, neck, or forehead. After the shingles develop a crust over them, they appear like a big patch of healed scabs. In this stage, they are neither infectious, nor painful.

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What Do Shingles Look Like ?




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What Do Shingles Look Like ? )
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