Tetanus Shot Complications

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Tetanus Shot Complications

Tetanus is an infection that is caused by a bacterium known as Clostridium tetani. The toxin released by the bacterium affects the neurons of the nervous system and causes spasms in the muscles of the body, stiffness in the muscles of the jaw, and it can also be fatal if the infection is not spotted early and appropriate treatment is not given.

However, in today's world, tetanus is something that we do not have to fear about as proper vaccination is available to prevent the onset of the infection. Usually infants receive five doses of the tetanus vaccination as a part of their childhood immunization program, and thereafter, booster doses are given every ten years.

Just like all other shots, even tetanus shot has its own set of complications and side effects. Some of the common side effects are pain and swelling at the site of the injection, mild fever, headaches and fatigue. However, at times, there can be tetanus shot complications. That is why it is necessary to be aware of them as you will know what to look for.

Some people can end up suffering from severe allergic reaction after receiving the tetanus injection. This reaction can include getting rash, hives, experiencing swelling of the face, tongue, lips or mouth, finding it difficult to breathe, and/or experiencing tightness in the chest. Other complications due to tetanus vaccine include diarrhea, high grade fever, getting sores or blisters at the site of the injection, swelling of the lymph nodes, severe pain in the joints and muscles, dizziness and headaches.

Other complications associated with tetanus vaccine include becoming unconscious, sustaining brain damage or suffering from seizures.

If a person displays any of the tetanus shot complications, he or she should be immediately rushed to the hospital and appropriate treatment should be given.

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Tetanus Shot Complications