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What To Do For Thrush ?  

Thrush is actually a kind of fungal infection that occurs primarily in the regions of the mouth. It usually occurs in the infants, young children and people who have a weak immune system such as those who are taking anti-biotic, diabetic and people suffering from AIDS or cancer.

The infection appears in the form of white creamy patches that can be seen in the tongue or in the throat. Thrush in its initial stage can be treated well with home remedies such as taking plain yoghurt. Plain or the unsweetened yogurt contains the healthy bacteria that help in treating the fungus that are responsible for causing thrush.

If you are suspecting thrush in your mouth, you may also treat it at home by taking two billion CFU of acidophilus each day till the infection goes off completely. These are easily available in all medicine shops and also stores which deals with vitamin pills. This works in the similar fashion as the plain yogurt does. The other things to do are follow a healthy habit. Brushing twice and a good oral hygiene help not only in avoiding such infections but also treats when it occurs.

Sometimes the infection spreads in such a manner that these home remedies may not work well and the condition may reoccur or get worsened. In such a circumstance, taking expert doctors advice is advisable. Doctors usually prescribe anti-fungal medicines in the form of tablets or in severe cases may inject intravenously. Anti-fungal medicine such as Sporanox is quite effective. It can be chewed or can be rinsed with a help of mouth wash and can be spit out.

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What To Do For Thrush ?




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