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Vitamin D Deficiency And Thyroid  

Recently, scientists have discovered a connection between Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid gland. According to the various researches, there seems to some form of connection between genes, the diet we stick to and our health. And, it is finally been acknowledged by the medical fraternity that thyroid problems can arise not only due to genetic disposition and autoimmune conditions, but also due to a deficiency of Vitamin of D.

The thyroid is a gland located at the bottom part of the neck. It shaped like a butterfly and an important gland in the endocrine system. Its main function is to control the metabolism of the body. Any problem in the thyroid can not only wreak havoc with the metabolism of the body, it can also cause problems with different physiological processes, blood pressure and heart rate.

When there is a problem with the thyroid, it can either lead to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid is under-active. This condition results in gaining weight, experiencing fatigue, unable to bear cold temperatures and having more menstrual cycles. When the thyroid functions more than required, it is a condition known as hyperthyroidism. This leads to fast loss of weight, elevated body temperature, fast beating of the heart and suffering from too much anxiety. Also, thyroid problems can be autoimmune in nature where the body's immune system starts attacking the thyroid.

It has been found that people who suffer from thyroid problems often have Vitamin D deficiency. This is more common in people suffering from hypothyroidism. Vitamin D is an important vitamin that acts with the different biological processes of the body to help in the production of or stemming the production of the various hormones released by the thyroid. So, any deficiency in Vitamin D can wreak havoc with the production of hormones released by the thyroid.

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Vitamin D Deficiency And Thyroid




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