Can You Get Warts On Your Face

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Can You Get Warts On Your Face ?

Getting warts on the face is a common problem for several people. Since it is contagious, one can easily get it by using someone’s towel or anything that belongs to a person who has warts on their face. However, if the warts appear on the face, one should not attempt to remove it themselves.


The skin on the face is very delicate compared to the rest of the body. Facial warts can make a person uncomfortable and they make you look ugly. They can even bleed if you get hurt. The best way to get rid off these warts is by going to a doctor. Treating it with the help of a doctor will decrease the chances of the wart spreading to other parts of the body.

Some treatments available for curing warts on the face are

Salicylic acid is applied to warts that appear on face and hands. There is a brand called Compound W that is made with salicylic acid. The acid needs to be applied in small quantities for several days on the wart. After having a shower, dry the area thoroughly and then apply using an ear bud. The acid works best when the skin is damp as it can penetrate the skin better. After a few days, before you have a bath, try to gently scrape the wart with a pumice stone.

The doctor may use cantharidin on the wart. It is a chemical and is painted directly on the wart. There will be pain and a blister is formed after treatment. After the wart is treated, a bandage is put on the site. The bandage can be removed after one day. If the wart is not gone after one treatment, the doctor can use some other method of removal.

Using liquid nitrogen is another popular way of removing warts. Liquid nitrogen is used by the doctor to freeze the wart. It can cause a stinging pain and blister. For the wart to be completely removed, liquid nitrogen has to be applied at least 2 to 4 times. If this treatment does not work, the doctor will use an alternative method to remove the wart.

Other treatments for wart removal include, burning the wart and removing it with laser for example. The wart is cut out using a laser beam. These treatments are very effective and work most of the time. However, as a side effect, they could leave a scar for some time on the face. Usually they are used as a last resort to remove warts.  

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