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How Long Does Valium Ativan Stay Urine Blood ?  

Every drug has a different composition even if their application is same. When a person takes a tablet typically, the tablet's effect will last up to 24 hours minimum. As long as the drug stays in the blood, it takes effect. Different medications have different capacities to stay in the blood stream.

Valium Ativan is a strong dosage. However, the duration it stays in the blood depends on the dosage as well. Typically valium ativan stays for 2 to 3 days in the blood stream. However, it all depends on your physical make up of the body. There are several factors of the physical body that affect the drugs effect.

Height, weight, fat composition, age and general health play a big role on the effectiveness of the drug. The quantity of the drug will determine the time line of its effectiveness. Usually the drug is found through urine tests.

Ativan typically stays for 2 to 3 days in the blood in normal people. For people who are weak, the drug has the potential to stay for up to 4 to 8 days. Since Ativan is benzodiazepines, all drugs under this category can stay up to 72 hours in the blood.

Other external factors that can affect the drug are alcohol, drugs like marijuana and smoking. These habits might reduce the efficiency of the drug and also interfere with the treatment. Also, when you take the drug along with alcohol or marijuana, you may contribute towards worsening your condition instead of curing it.

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How Long Does Valium Ativan Stay Urine Blood




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How Long Does Valium Ativan Stay Urine Blood ? )
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