Can Fish Oil Make You Drowsy ?

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Can Fish Oil Make You Drowsy ?

When it comes to supplements, fish oil has been regarded as one of the top choices in terms of improving health and wellness. The reason for this is that fish oil is a good source of omega 3. This omega 3 is a good component for keeping the heart healthy. Aside from this benefit, omega 3 and fish oil still have a lot benefits for the consumers.

However, there is a question whether fish oil can make a person drowsy. The reason why some people are asking this is because they might not want to feel drowsy, and may not opt to take it. Others would ask this because they would like to use fish oil to help their sleep problems.

The answer is that yes, fish oil may make a person drowsy. This is because fish oil has omega 3 which has the capability of calming brain functions. This calming effect means that it will free the mind from too much stress caused by stressful tasks, and simultaneously help in reducing anxiety. With this, a person may feel that he is becoming more relaxed and free from any down moods. Thus, this would result in a goodnight's sleep. This property of fish oil is the main reason why there are some people who are taking fish oil as treatment for depression and anxiety.

However, the fact that its effect may depend on a person cannot be omitted. This could be a reason why a person would feel drowsy after taking fish oil and others would not.

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Can Fish Oil Make You Drowsy