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Will Fish Oil Make You Smell Fishy  

Despite the benefits that taking fish oil supplements can bring to your health, most individuals would still have second thoughts on taking fish oil supplements. This hesitation could be attributed to their doubt whether fish oil could make them smell fishy.

There is a common notion that if you take fish oil supplements, whether in liquid or softgel forms, you will end up smelling fishy with a fishy breath. However, experts do not agree. Not all fish oil supplements can leave you with foul smell.

You can judge a specific fish oil supplement on whether it leaves a fishy smell as it goes down your body. There are many brands that are highly recommended for those who fear that they might end up smelling fish. One such brand is Nordic Naturals. According to users this brand of fish oil does not leave the consumer with an offensive smell. In fact, a lot of children and picky eaters would even share positive comments about the products of Nordic Naturals. No doubt, people should be prepared to shell out more money for brands like these, but, on the other hand, it would definitely worth the price.  

You do not have to deal with any issues of fishy smell if you purchase an omega 3 supplement that has been distilled molecularly. Molecular distillation of fish oil supplements is now used by a few brands of fish oil supplements. Freezing the pills may also help in eliminating the fishy smell that taking fish oil supplements may leave. You also need to check the authenticity of the fish oil supplements since supplements that are not real often smell too fishy. Fish oil capsules that are enteric coated also do not have a fishy smell.

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Will Fish Oil Make You Smell Fishy




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