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Naproxen And Surgery  

Naproxen is a drug that is used to treat inflammation of muscles, tissues and joints mainly. However, it is also being used to treat Alzheimer’s. There are varied applications of the drug and is used to treat various conditions. Naproxen belongs to a group of medicines called the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs.

It mainly affects or controls the hormones that are produced by the immune system to control pain. It is used to treat pain in several conditions like arthritis, spondylitis, bursitis, tendonitis, and menstrual cramps.

Naproxen has many side effects. Usually, when it is used on a short-term basis, it is not any more harmful than an Advil or Motrin taken for pain. However, prolonged usage can bring out harmful effects. These side effects may be related to stomach, heart and liver or kidneys. It has played a role in causing heart attacks, and strokes. It can also cause stomach ailments and abdominal pain on long term usage.

Naproxen should not be taken during or before a bypass surgery. It can prove fatal. Also, the patient has to tell the doctor before any surgery takes place if they have been taking Naproxen on a regular basis. Naproxen may be prescribed by doctors post surgery for pain from the sutures. However, it is not taken before the surgery. Also, in the case of a heart-related surgery, or liver or lung surgery, the drug is almost never prescribed even post surgery. It is used in some smaller surgeries like cataract though.

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Naproxen And Surgery




Naproxen-Effects-On-Blood-Pressure      Naproxen is a drug that is used for anti inflammatory purposes in the body. It can treat joint pain, muscle cramps and tissue damage. Naproxen is mostly prescribed on short term treatments for people who have had injuries or suffered trauma. It can be taken for mild back pains instead of Advil or Motrin. More..




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