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What Countries Have Legalized Oxycodone ?  

Oxycodone has been recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration. From the early 1990s, the FDA found a steady increase in the usage of the drug. In fact, it became the most popular drug or painkiller narcotic to be used. However, soon it was found that it was being used as a substitute for many illicit drugs.

Now the United States government has decided to recall the medicine and even stop the usage of it completely. The main side effect of the medication is depression and its highly addictive nature.

There are some medications like Oxycontin which have a very high concentration of oxycodone. It is easily available for under $20 in the United States. However, the United States is not the only country using the medication. Different countries have different policies with regard to the medication.

Oxycodone is being used illegally in Australia. It is also being used as a substitute for drugs in United Kingdom. Even though oxycodone is being sold as prescription drug, it is being obtained illegally in countries like Australia and the UK through false prescriptions. It is being prescribed under strict vigilance in Canada. If a person in Canada is found in possession of the medication without a prescription or doctor’s advice, then the person can be imprisoned for seven years.

In Germany, dentists, vets and doctors can prescribe the medicine. In Hong Kong, it has been regulated as a prescription drug.

In other countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, this medication is available through prescription. However, the drug is not regulated in these countries.

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What Countries Have Legalize Oxycodone




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What Countries Have Legalize Oxycodone ? )
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