When Should Paxil Be Taken Morning Or Night ?

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When Should Paxil Be Taken Morning Or Night ?

It is a common belief that any medication when taken regularly is more effective. For any medication to be effective, it has to be taken approximately at the same time every day. This is very important for the medication to be effective in treating the particular condition in the body.

Paxil is a medication that is used to treat conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and many more psychological conditions. However, a drug like Paxil has a lot of side-effects. There are many serious side-effects, and these symptoms are a constant discomfort for the patient. The doctor usually starts a patient on a minimal dosage to get the system used to the medication. As soon as the dosage is increased, the symptoms are more noticeable. Some of the regular symptoms or discomforts experienced by the patient are headaches, nausea, constipation and stomach aches.

Some serious side-effects of Paxil is the increase thoughts of suicides, memory loss, depression and moreover an addiction to the drug. Every patient on Paxil should be carefully monitored. The doctor decides the timing and the dosage of the medication based on the comfort level of the patient. Based on this, Paxil can be taken either in the morning or at night.

Most doctors prescribe the medicine to be taken in the morning after breakfast. If the patient experiences drowsiness after taking the medication, it is discontinued in the mornings. This is done to prevent any disruptions in the morning work schedule. One needs to plan the medication based on your daily routine and decide the best time for them. However, one needs to ensure that the medication is taken at the same time every day.

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When Should Paxil Be Taken Morning Or Night