How Long Does Prozac Stay In Your System ?

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How Long Does Prozac Stay In Your System ?

Prozac is used to treat mild to moderate depression. It is not a potent anti-depressant. A patient taking Prozac can be taken off the medicine at anytime as there is low risk of addiction. The longest period of time, one can be on Prozac is for three months, and only for chronic conditions. It takes an approximately nine to ten days for Prozac to get into the patient’s system. However, it is not completely effective at that stage.

Prozac is metabolized or broken down in the liver. If a patient already has an under-lying liver condition, there can be serious liver damage with prolonged usage of Prozac. It is highly recommended to discuss the medical history and detailed information related to your health with a doctor before starting on Prozac.

Prozac is also known to cause sexual dysfunction in people when taken for a long period. Prozac needs at least a month of regular intake to be fully effective. Prozac is fully potent and can cause harm after three months of regular usage. One can stop Prozac anytime if the symptoms worsen.

However, the long term effects of Prozac are similar to any other anti-depressant. It can cause depression, anxiety, memory loss and also increase thoughts of suicide. Until now the reported cases of addiction after taking Prozac is the least when compared to the other anti-depressants. That is probably because of its low potency. Prozac also is known to cause hyper tension and mood elevations. In case symptoms are manifested for a long period of time even after stopping Prozac, one should immediately contact a doctor.

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How Long Does Prozac Stay In Your System