How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body ?

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How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body ?

It has never been safe with anything that is over done. Medicines are no exception to this open fact. When a medicine is taken continuously for a while, the body builds up a tolerance to that medicine. So, one is made to increase the dosage to get the required effect. And, how long does this medicine remain active in the body, to be precise, is yet to be calculated.

Vicodin, being a pain reliever, is always prescribed jointly along acetaminophen by the doctors. It cannot be purchased otherwise without a proper prescription, although it is considered to be a common pain relieving medicine. They are meant to be for short-term course as it has addictive quality. Vicodin users get addicted and they suffer from withdrawal symptoms when the medication is stopped. They tend to increase the dosage level if their system gets used and does not get the required effect. They rather get addicted to Vicodin. It lasts for at least three days minimum up to four days.

There are various points to be considered before ascertaining its duration. The amount of Vicodin taken also counts with their frequency and the span of usage. Not to forget the strength of the medicine; this is also a key factor to ascertain how long it remains in one’s system. It depends on the person concerned and their body weight along with their metabolic rate. The metabolic rate increases with the increase in Vicodin consumption that will continue to increase with more intakes.

In a nutshell, Vicodin can remain in a person’s s system for a minimum of three to seven days.

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How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body