Can Xanax Cause Dementia ?

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Can Xanax Cause Dementia ?

A serious disorder of brain due to some injury or age factor that is often progressive and is incurable mostly is called dementia. This illness could lead to memory loss too. In other words, it could lead to Alzheimer's in elderly patients. There are medications that are prescribed for people who are affected by dementia.

But before prescribing, it takes some six months persistent time to get the condition properly diagnosed. With the proper medication, dementia is treatable to some extent, if not completely curable.

Xanax is one among other medicines that are prescribed for people who are affected with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Like other tranquilizers Valium, Ativan or Tranxene, Xanax too works by way of sedation. It can be highly lethal for an alcoholic patient at times.

Dementia makes a person morally down, when diagnosed. Although it could be due to various reasons such as the age factor, the most common condition of dementia is pseudo dementia, which is often caused due to sedative and other such medications. With insomnia hitting the aged brutally, doctors and physicians often prescribe them with such pills. They are even prescribed with tranquilizers depending on their condition and this helps them have a peaceful night and calms down their nerves.

Usage of tranquilizers should be occasional and dosage should be as per prescription and not more. These medicines, when increased or continued without break often settle in one’s system that leads to dementia like illness.  

Xanax is considerably safer and better medicine compared to other tranquilizers like valium. Its impact is not as bad as other sedatives that tend to accumulate in the system when taken more and more.

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Can Xanax Cause Dementia