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When is Exercise Dangerous For You?


When is Exercise Dangerous For You?              Exercise is beneficial to the body when done regularly in moderation. However, for some, it becomes an addiction in which case it is dangerous for the person and can result in adverse reactions in the body.

             People who engage in solitary exercise routine are the ones, who generally go overboard. For example, swimmers, joggers, skiers and weight lifters set highly ambitious targets and work out excessively to achieve them. A person who has jogged about one mile a day suddenly increases the target overnight to 10 miles and does not compromise even if the weather is bad! More...

Avoid Red Meat To Reduce The Risk of Esophageal And Stomach Cancers

Avoid Red Meat To Reduce The Risk of Esophageal And Stomach Cancers          According to recent research, people who regularly consume red meat are found to be more prone to certain types of cancer in the stomach as well as throat. People who consume hamburgers and steaks in moderation are found to be less affected by these fatal health problems.

           A sample of nearly 50,000 adults was taken for this study and the dietary patterns of these people were observed over a decade. It was found that people who loved to eat red meat often developed cancerous growth in the stomach or esophagus. It was because of certain substances generated as a result of cooking the meat. More...

How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck           Sitting in front of the computer or talking over phone for a long time without moving your head can result in a stiff neck. The other common causes for this problem are sleeping in the wrong position or using very hard pillows. You may also develop stiff neck while practicing swimming strokes, sitting in improper position or exposing your neck to cold. Since the neck muscles become numb, the individual experiences lot of pain. More...





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