Bruises That Will Not Go Away  

Bruises, if not handled immediately, might lead to permanent skin damage. Some people are more likely to get bruises as they might fall every moment. They occur when the blood vessels get ruptured, when you fall or get hit by a hard object. The initial color would be blue and sometimes black.

Sometimes, this color might fade within few days. However, sometimes, if the color changes to pink or yellow, this might take 4 weeks or so. Now small injuries might normally take very less time to heal and the same applies to small bruises. But if the injury is painful, these bruises can lead to fracture or sprain.

Adults are vulnerable to bruises more than kids as the skin more flexible and thinner and have less of fat. Again women are more affected by minor injuries which affect their thighs, upper arms and buttocks. If your diet does not have a sufficient limit of Vitamin C, then you have more chances of getting bruised. And if your family history shows bruises as a major problem it is quite sure that you will also be liable to bruises. Purpura is a severe kind of bruise that often shows signs like fatigue, weakness and fever. This kind of bruising would require proper medication. Petechiae is another kind of bruise that has a red or purple color to it followed by bleeding .They have the tendency to appear instantly and they are quite similar to birth marks since they rarely fade. The main reason for such a kind is because of a serious infection.

Bruises that will take a long time to disappear will be painful. There are chances of discoloration (yellow in color) and swelling. These bruises might sometimes not disappear at all. They are caused due to any kind of nutritional deficiency or wrong medication. The person should not be smoking a lot, and be prepared to consume raw food every time. Do not consume medicines which cause allergies and reduce chances of clotting. Beware of accidents and small injuries. Initially use an ice park to cool the bruises.

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Bruises That Will Not Go Away




Home-Remedy-For-Bruises      Bruises are the injuries on the skin, which occur when the minute blood vessels are injured when they are hit with a hard force. It affects the tissues beneath the skin surface. The blood from the blood vessels flows into the tissues, which rises up the bruise. In medical terms, bruises are known as contusion. More..




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