Burns From Heating Pads  

Burns cause great damage to the human body. Heating Pad is mostly used to keep your beds warm during winter; however they are not safe most of the times. The common problems that people might face are occurrence of burns on your neck, back and face. They are also used to keep the food warm. Likewise, they are used for various purposes.

Heating pads often cause burns and fires. Most of you might use it for managing pain but do consult a doctor before you do so. If you have started feeling pain on any of your body parts, you need to take medical help as soon as possible before it gets worse. The very first thing that you need to do is to understand the kind of burn.

Burn can be classified into first degree, second and third degree. Normally heating pads would not cause a third degree burn but it can surely give rise to a first degree or a second degree. In case of 1st degree burns, your skin’s outer layer gets inflamed, while 2nd degree burns harm the inner layers too. Third degree would be the worse as it affects the nerves thereby destroying it completely. If your burn falls under the 1st degree or 2nd degree, you can probably use water to just cool the area. Do remember if it is 3rd degree burns never apply water or Ice as this will only grave the situation.

Burns normally take a good amount of period to heal irrespective of whether you apply the best cosmetic cream. Although it will cure faster, your skin will take time to heal without any scope of scars left behind. The burns caused by heating pads would look swollen and dry. Make sure that you do not expose that part of your body for at least three to six months and keep applying moisturizers. You can try other homemade remedies by using an onion, lemon and Aloe-Vera. Keep scrubbing the affected area with either of these and a dab of honey might just heal the tissue. You can consume Vitamin E tablets or lotions which will surely give a cooling effect.

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Burns From Heating Pads




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