How Long Does A Concussion Last

How Long Does A Concussion Last ?

A concussion means a severe blow to the head that causes internal or external bleeding in the head along with swelling of the brain. A concussion can last for any amount of time depending on the severity of the injury. Mild concussions last only up to 30 minutes and then slowly the swelling disappears. In some cases, the swelling may last for a day or even for a week. In cases where external bleeding has occurred, the concussion can last as long as the injury or the stitches heal.

Some concussions heal from the outside, but not internally. They can last long enough to cause brain damage and also some other long term effects on the brain.

One of the immediate symptoms of a concussion is memory loss. However, even this could last only for a few minutes. When a person has a severe injury, they often seem to be confused and also the pain is so severe that they find it hard to remember anything or even identify anything. Some of the concussions in the head can cause temporary and permanent amnesia. So, these are some of the after effects of concussions. (See Reference 1)

The concussions are also grouped under grades depending on the symptoms. Grade 0 is identified by headaches and difficulty in concentration. Grade 1 is worse where a person feels dazed and in grade two there is vision problems associated with these symptoms. As the grades progress the symptoms also progress. The total number of grades for concussions is 5 with 0 being the mildest and 5 being the worst. Grades 2 to 4 concussions are usually considered more serious, and they often occur in contact sports. Grade 2 type of concussion causes memory loss and usually a person recovers from this kind of concussion without any complications or after effects. However, grades 3 and 4 are more serious, and they can cause some serious kinds of after effects, like seizures and fits. Recovery from this kind of concussion is uncertain. (See Reference 1)

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