Repair Trabecular Fractures Of Tibia  

Tibia fractures normally affect the inner part of two bones and keep extending from the knee to the ankle. Now they affect the inner portions to such an extent that it literally becomes impossible for the person to walk. Now when it comes to surgery or repair Tubercule Ostetomy has surely shown some kind of relief. The method includes use of wire and screw to just fix the displaced bones. The technique involves use of Ethibond Sutures Ostetomy which gives the necessary stability and strength to the bones.

Nearly five sutures are sent through the holes till the time it reaches the Ostetomy sector. Due to this technique the tubercule ostetomy is gaining too much of recognition and considered the best knee surgery with little risk. Two types of fixation include screw and wire fixation. The former is connected with tibial shaft fracture, whereas the latter passes all the way through the medial bone to the lateral sect. This kind of practice is often used when the soft tissues needs to be tied with the wire extending deep through to the interiors. You can certainly read on the whole procedure in detail where both the forms are explained and depicted in picture.

Post surgery he person would be required to use crutches for the next 24 hours so that the physiotherapist can examine and understand the progress. A proper follow need to be carried out for the next few weeks as the patient would face motion problems and exertion issues. Normally screw fixtures are more recommended than fire fixtures as wires have an excellent capacity to hold the bones for long. Ethibond sutures provide great relief with minimized risk and proper wire fixation procedures.

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Repair Trabecular Fractures Of Tibia




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