Different Types And Treatment For Wounds

Different Types And Treatment For Wounds

Wounds can be broadly categorized into various types. Each of these wound types require a different treatment. Various types and treatments for wounds are described as follows:

Wound Types:

  • Abrasions: A wound, in which a tissue’s superficial layer gets removed, as in case of first degree burns, can be termed as ‘abrasion’.
  • Laceration: In this type of a wound, the tissue gets torn or cut.
  • Contusion: In a contusion, the skin’s outer layer remains intact. The wound is mainly internal and may involve injury of the soft tissues and/or hematoma.
  • Avulsion: In an avulsion, the tissue or a small section of it gets torn off partially or completely. In case of partial avulsion, the elevated tissue remains attached, while in absolute avulsion, it gets detached completely from the body.

Wound Treatments:

The kind of wound treatment given to the patient depends on the type and severity of his/her wound. Quick healing is ensured by first cleaning the inflicted wound, and then stitching, wrapping, or bandaging it to prevent infection. In serious cases, a severe wound might even require surgery. Medicines are prescribed to the patient to avoid risk of the wound getting infected with bacteria.

Treatment for minor wounds like cuts, scrapes, etc. involve cleaning the wounded area with antiseptic solutions, like hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. This is followed by covering it with a commercially available stick-on bandage. Heavier bandages and stitches may be required for closing more severe, deep, open wounds, like the lacerations and avulsions.

For sprains and strains of any kind, treatments involve examining the injured area using X-Ray and then resetting bone or muscle into place by immobilizing it using a cast or crepe bandage.

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Different Types And Treatment For Wounds