Coffee And Life Expectancy

Coffee And Life Expectancy

Coffee is perhaps the most frequently consumed hot beverage in the United States. Most adults drink coffee every day during breakfast or during the course of the day. But how does coffee affect a person's life expectancy? According to several searches, moderate consumption of coffee seems to decrease the risk of getting certain diseases. So, indirectly coffee and life expectancy may be connected.


Coffee Is Good For Your Health and Life Expectancy
Here is something to feel happy about when you drink your cup of coffee in the morning. Based on the numerous researches that scientists have been conducting, probably coffee is good for overall health and therefore life expectancy. However, before you start living on just coffee to improve your health and longevity, remember more research is required in this area to conclusively state that coffee improves health as well as life expectancy. But one thing is for sure that these researches have proved that drinking coffee in moderation is definitely not bad for health, as it prevents certain diseases.

Coffee and Life Expectancy
A study conducted in the US involving 84,000 adult women and 41,000 adult men between the 1980s and 2004 revealed some amazing results. The study was understand people's coffee drinkings and the effect this habit on their long-term health and life expectancy. The group consisted of people who drank caffeinated as well as decaffeinated coffee. Researchers found drinking up to 6 cups of coffee per day did not have an adverse effect on health. Furthermore, they also found that 6 cups of coffee did not have a negative or positive effect on life expectancy. This led the researchers to conclude that coffee, when had in moderation, does not adversely affect health. Hence, it is not unhealthy or bad to consume coffee.

Coffee and Heart Disease in Women
Women perhaps will be happy to read this. Research has proven that women coffee drinkers reduce the chances of getting heart disease and associated mortality if they consume coffee regularly.. Researchers found that women who consume 2 to 3 cups of decaffeinated coffee every day had a 25 percent less chance of dying due to heart-related disease. Basically, what this means is that women who drink caffeinated coffee every day are less likely to die due to heart disease compared to women who did not drink coffee.

Coffee and Cancer Risk
Where cancer is concerned, people will want to know whether drinking coffee can increase the risk of developing cancer. According to researches on coffee and cancer risk, it was found that drinking coffee or not drinking had the same risk of developing any type of malignancy. This result should be viewed positively by coffee drinkers. At least coffee consumption does not increase a person's cancer risk.

The good news for coffee drinkers is that no research has conclusively stated that drinking coffee is bad for health. In fact, moderate consumption of coffee seems to prevent certain diseases, so it is encouraged. While the naysayers may keep telling you that coffee is not good for you, it has not been proven in any long-term study. On the other hand, the benefits of consuming coffee are still being researched. Hence, nothing should stop you from brewing a fresh pot of coffee every day until scientific evidence proves otherwise.

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Coffee And Life Expectancy