Facts On Global Life Expectancy

Facts On Global Life Expectancy

Once upon a time global life expectancy was not so difficult to calculate and understand. The moment a country became economically rich, the life expectancy in that country would increase slowly but steadily. However, this is not true any more. Global life expectancy is actually showing a trend of reversal, and there appears to be a big difference between the genders, and also between the amounts nations are spending on health care compared to life expectancy.

Some of the facts on global life expectancy are listed below that you will find very interesting:

Best Place in the World for Men
Today, the life expectancy of men is 5 years less than that of women. However, the same does not hold true for Iceland, as the difference in the life expectancy between the two genders is narrower. It is believed that were men are concerned, Iceland is the best country for them, as they can avoid premature deaths. The reason for this is not really known. It is possible that because Iceland is a small country and the violent deaths due to crimes do not occur that often. Now combine this with a good health care system and what you would get is men living longer than before.

Best Place in the World for Women
Strangely it is Cyprus that gets the award of being the best place for women to live in, as premature deaths are very rare. Once again, Cyprus is a small nation, just like Iceland. So possibly the same reasons apply, or it could be a mere fluke that women have longer life expectancy in this tiny island nation.

South Asian Women
Just three decades ago, women in South Asia were at the high risk of dying prematurely compared to women in other parts of the world. However, this risk has been reduced and now women of South Asia have a much better life expectancy.

CIS Nations
The satellite states of CIS nations, which used to be part of the erstwhile Soviet Union, are actually not faring as well as they used to. In 1970, Russia occupied the forty-third position for female mortality and in 2010, she was at the 121st position. According to health experts the decline in female life expectancy in the former Soviet Union could be due to the collapse in the health care systems.

The Worst Place in the World
Unfortunately, the number of premature deaths in the sub-Saharan region makes this the worst place in the world where premature deaths are concerned. Most deaths are occurring due to a rampant AIDS epidemic. Swaziland happens to have the worst life expectancy for men, while Zambia for women.

US too is Experiencing Lowered Life Expectancy
US was on the 34th position for women and 41st position for men in 1990 where life expectancy was concerned. This has taken a plunge even though the country spends a huge amount on its health care. In 2010, the US occupied the 49th position for women and 45th position for men. According to researchers, this decline in life expectancy is primarily because of large number of people in the country are overweight and a sizeable percentage are obese.

Child and Adult Mortality

Unfortunately, nearly 8 million children across the globe die every year before they reach their 5th birthday; and 24 million adults die before seeing their 60th birthday. Most of these deaths are preventable if nations adopt proper health care and introduce other facilities, such as sanitation and clean drinking water.


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