How Is Inflammation Important To Aging

How Is Inflammation Important To Aging ?

Typically, inflammation occurs due to the immune system acting on the body at a cellular level. Inflammation can occur due to an allergy or infection. But even lifestyle habits can result in inflammation.

Lifestyle habits, such as smoking, not getting enough sleep, poor nutrition, and excess exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays, are known to cause inflammation in some people. Furthermore, inflammation is also associated with other aspects of aging, such as wrinkles, fine line, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer. However, you can reduce inflammation at cellular level by altering your habits and consuming a diet that reduces inflammation.

Some of the ways that you can reduce age-related inflammation is by following these tips:

  • Pay more attention to oral hygiene. If oral hygiene is not maintained, bacteria can proliferate in the mouth and have an adverse effect on the body. These pathogens can result in heart problems and other age-related ailments.
  • Doing regular exercise tends to reduce chronic inflammation that is often seen in older people suffering from arthritis. However, the exercise should be of moderate intensity that moves the joints and prevents swelling.
  • Obesity among people is one of the most common reasons for age-related inflammation. Maintaining ideal body weight, around BMI 20 to 25, can negate the ill-effects of inflammation.
  • Smoking introduces many harmful toxins into the body and these go on to cause production of free radicals. At cellular level, when the immune system attacks these free radicals, it causes inflammation. Hence, desist from smoking to prevent inflammation as you grow older.
  • Consume inflammation-reducing diet by doing away with trans fats and saturated fats. Instead concentrate on consuming more Omega-3 essential fatty acids, present in fatty fish, flaxseed and fish oil. Also look to consume food that has high-fiber content and low-glycemic index. Research has also shown that animal-based proteins tend to result in inflammation. So, it is best to change to plant-based and non-animal proteins, such as soybean, nuts and fish.

           Inflammation is a fact of life for people as they age. This inflammation can be at cellular level or tissue level. Either is bad for the body. Inflammation can result in several health problems, which can make a person’s life very difficult as even sitting and standing can become a painful task. Hence, steps should be taken to avert inflammation at all costs.

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How Is Inflammation Important To Aging