How Sugar Makes Us Age

How Sugar Makes Us Age ?

According to recent research, there seems to be a relationship between eating less sugar and living a longer life. While sugar itself may not be the reason why aging occurs, it appears that the way the cells break down sugar and utilize it tends to speed up the aging process and ends up making the skin appear older.

Cross Linking
When you cook onions, the sugar present in the onions combines with the proteins. This process is known as carmalization. When sugar molecules join with protein molecules, a series of reactions take place, which are known as glucation. Due to these reactions, the protein molecules then join with one another.

This same bonding of protein molecules also occurs in the body but in a slow and gradual process. However, the proteins that form cross links then do not work properly. When more number of proteins that are cross linked accumulate in a particular tissue, such as lungs, tendons, arteries or cartilages, it has an adverse effect on their functioning.

Results of Cross Linking
When proteins cross link, the tissues do not work properly and tend to stiffen. It has been observed that many signs of aging are due to stiffening of tissue, such as cataracts, which occur when the eye lens stiffens.

How to Stop Cross Linking and Stiffening of Tissues
While there is no way that you can stop the proteins from cross linking, as it is a natural phenomenon, you can definitely slow the process down. As a result, you can slow down aging. According to researchers, when more sugar content is present in the blood, the cross linking of protein molecules will be more. Hence, aging process will speed up. The only way to slow down the cross linking of protein molecules and reduce the speed of aging process is by consuming food with low glycemic index. Avoid consuming foods with high sugar content, such as sodas and juices. Furthermore, these foods have also been linked to heart disease, which many health experts believe could be due to the cross linking of protein molecules.  

To prevent aging due to intake of sugar, it is important to cut down the amount of sugar you consume. People take sugar with beverages, eat desserts laden with sugar and indulge in their sweet-tooth when they eat candies and toffees. If you can knock out sugar from your daily diet, you can slow down the aging process that sugar causes.


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