Life expectancy increased by clean air

Life expectancy increased by clean air

The EPA, or the Environmental Protection Agency, is responsible for ensuring that people in the US have access to clean air without any pollution or contaminants. As a result, the EPA has taken many steps to curb all forms of environmental pollution by enacting strict laws and measures that have to be followed under all circumstances. As a result, people now have access to cleaner air and this has had an effect on the life expectancy.

Due to the steps that EPA has taken over a period of 20 years ranging from 1980 to 2000, air pollutions levels have dramatically reduced across the US. This has managed to add 5 months on an average to the life expectancy of people.

Increased Life Expectancy in the US
Researchers checked the available data on life expectancy in 51 big cities in the US spanning a period from 1980 to 2000. What they found was truly amazing. Researchers found that on the whole life expectancy in these cities has increased by 3 years for the said period. This is definitely astonishing as many assumed that the life expectancy in the US is actually declining due to lifestyle-related ailments, such as diabetes and obesity.

After breaking down the data that the researchers had for this 20 year period, they could conclusive say that out of the 3-year increase in life expectancy, 5 months increase was due to cleaner air and reduced air pollution.

 What Does This Finding Mean?
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that there is a connection between air pollution and airborne particulate matter, and life expectancy and health. However, prior to this particular study, it was not scientifically proven that even a small amount of improvement in the quality of air could have a positive effect on health and life expectancy of people.

Using these findings as a basis, cities across the world should look for ways to improve the quality of air its inhabitants breathe. If they do this, it will reduce air pollution and help to increase life expectancy.

Clean Air Means Longevity and Longer Life Span
One thing is for sure that with cleaner air to breathe people will have better health. However, researchers have found that cities with the cleanest air actually ended up adding 10 additional months to their inhabitants. This is really an interesting find, as it should act as an impetus to get cities to actively work in promoting clean air policies. Once the air is clean, people will have less health issues and also live longer.

How Does Clean Air Benefit Governments?
While the government does spend money initially to introduce policies and measures to clean the air in a city, it should look at the bigger picture. When the air is clean, people will not have health issues. When people do not have health issues, governments will spend less money on health care. Hence, this money can be better utilized for developing infrastructure and other resources in the city to keep it clean and pollution-free. So it ends up being a win-win situation for everyone.

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Life expectancy increased by clean air