Why do women live longer than men ?

Why do women live longer than men ?

Based on all the surveys it has been established that women generally outlive men by a good 5 to 10 years. This question has puzzled researchers for a long time and they have been trying to find why do women live longer than men. While researchers have not been able to conclusively pinpoint the exact reason for this, many theories have been put forth that try to explain longevity in women.

Healthier Lifestyle
Compared to men, women tend to have healthier lifestyle. They smoke and drink less and also tend to eat better than men. This would explain why they live longer. However, if women did live longer due to healthier lifestyle, then they should also have healthier life as seniors. But it has been seen that many older women tend to have several health-related problems. However, it is quite possible that women take their medications more regularly and also do not indulge in risky behavior which would explain their longevity when compared to men.

According to researchers based in the Netherlands, the answer to women’s longevity lies in menstruation. When a woman menstruates, her body produces a hormone known as estradiol. This hormone helps the heart to work efficiently and it is like giving a heart a good cardio workout. As the women’s heart is getting regular workout few days in a month, they are less prone to cardiac problems and hence tend to live longer than men.

XX Chromosomes
Some researchers believe that because women have two X chromosomes, they are at an advantage. As a person ages, DNA changes and damage occur at cellular level. Because women have 2 X chromosomes, if one DNA in a chromosome is damaged, then other DNA in the other chromosome takes over. This advantage is not available to men, who have XY chromosomes.

In nature, it is the mother’s task to bring up children and ensure their survival. This is seen among humans, animals and birds. Hence, evolutionary changes have made sure that women live longer, so that they are around to take care of their offspring when the need arises. These evolutionary changes have been passed down for centuries and thus, today women end up living longer than men.

These are just theories that have been making rounds and researchers are still trying to figure out what makes a woman live longer than a man. Hopefully, some day this very puzzling question will be answered and we will finally know the exact reason for the long life span that women generally tend to have when compared to men.



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