When Was Bipolar Disorder Discovered ?

When Was Bipolar Disorder Discovered ?

The symptoms of bipolar disorder were discovered and recognized several years ago but it was not then considered as a severe mental illness. There had been famous person in the history who have lived with bipolar disorder throughout their lives and yet not been aware of it. If one wants to dig out the history, the first time bipolar disorder was recognized in the 2nd century in a small city in Turkey called Aretaeus of Cappadocia.

During this time few of the symptoms of maniac and depression phase were discovered. Although his findings were correct but there was no medical fraternity then to support his theory or augment the findings. For many years, the concept was dormant until in 1650 a scientist named Richard Burton successfully published a book entitled The Anatomy of Melancholia. This book became a huge success and is such in demand that even today it is being referred by many psychiatrists. He is famously known as Father of Depression.

Later, in the 1854, Jules Farlet was able to find the difference between two states of the illness, namely maniac and the depressive states. He, therefore, termed this illness as folie circulaire, which basically translates to circular insanity. Farlet's findings were later accepted officially by the medical world in the year 1875 and the term bipolar disorder was, thus, assigned to it. It was also recognized as a psychiatric disorder which bears no resemblance with normal depression. He was also the first one to propose that the cause of bipolar disorder goes to genes to a great degree. 

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When Was Bipolar Disorder Discovered