Derealization Treatment  

Derealization is a form of neurological illness that evokes a sense of detachment within the patient. The surrounding environment may seem fake and worthless to the individual. In essence, it is like living in an alien world whose every aspect looks unrealistic.

Amongst the many symptoms of this disease, one of the prominent one is sudden feeling of confusion during a regular conversation. The victim may out of the blue dissociate from the conversation, giving a dazed appearance. Many a times, the individual will experience a sense of deja vu that is being present in a location before, when actually that may not be so. In contrast to this symptom, there could be incidents when the patient may feel strange at a familiar spot. Such episodes add to the stress level of the patient and cause further damage.

The condition of derealization could arouse due to various neurological disorders like head injuries, epilepsy and migraines, or as a result of psychiatric problems like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Intake of caffeine, antidepressants, drugs and stopping alcohol suddenly or benzodiazephine could also lead to this condition. Some of the other causes of derealization include anxiety, stress and sleep deprivation. Stress management techniques work wonders on patients of derealization. Psychotherapy involving communication with a therapist to identify the underlying cause and thereby finding solutions also proves beneficial. Drug therapies are also available as cure for this disease. Above all, it is important for the patients of derealization to understand that it a phase in life that they will surely overpower provided they stay patient and work conscientiously towards the treatment.

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Derealization Treatment




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