Anger Transference  

A psychological theory developed by Sigmund Freud states that the effects of childhood events have an impact on brain which have an influence throughout the life of a person. The mental life of the person may seem normal, but the person may remain under the influence of the childhood event and sometimes compare that event with every aspect of life.

A similar kind of theory tells about transference when the patients feelings for other person especially that from the childhood gets focused on the therapist. Many instances of transference may be recorded such as the getting involved in love with the therapist, but the opposite and negative feelings such as anger, mistrust and dependence may also get transferred.

The term transference is harmful for any kind of patient, suffering from any disease because it is an obstacle to treatment. The patient may try to get rid of this relationship altogether or may get angry or may get quiet during interaction. The therapist may or may not understand the situation or reaction of the patient, though working via transferred feelings is necessary element of psychodynamic theory. The patient’s psychology may help in studying the transference and may also help in resolving the issues the patient may have.

The study of the nature of the transference may also help the therapist to resolve other issues the patient may have through the patient’s psychological analysis. The patient should be consulted with extreme care by the therapist, as the therapist may transfer own conflicts to the patient and give rise to more problems. This process of transferring internal conflicts is termed as counter-transference. This could be really devastating for the therapeutic relationship (between the therapist and patient). Although a team of psychotherapists is using counter-transference to treat patients in therapeutic ways. These counter-transference techniques may help the patient to get rid of the anger transference.

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Anger Transference




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