Drugs Alcohol And Anger  

Anger formation in an individual can be due to many reasons but a major chunk of people are found to be addict of drugs and alcohol. The extensive use of alcohol and drugs leads to development of anger in an individual, even some mental disorders are also found to be reason for anger. Some people due to frustration may develop anger, though anger can be controlled in many ways. It just requires a little control and patience to control anger. There are certain techniques that can help anyone to control anger.

Basically, anger is the result of attack on brain by the chemicals of alcohol and drugs consumed by an individual. The anger seen in many individuals goes on increasing due to continuous use of drugs and alcohol. The consumption of drugs and alcohol when is low creates less problems whereas, when the consumption increase it makes the individual angrier. The reasons for getting angry are several; it may arise due to shortage of drugs, lack of money, family opposition for drug use, guilt developed in the drug user, attack on the brain by the chemicals present in the drug and over consumption of alcohol.

The use of these chemicals drugs and alcohol give rise to other problems too that may reduce the life span of the individual. Many of them try to leave the habits but are unable to leave and as a result are admitted to the rehabilitation center. This step may give a boost to the anger of the addict and the addict may become more violent and angry than usual. The best way to control anger is to consult a therapist that can help the individual to go through the anger management techniques.

Practicing anger management with the therapist or with any other person may prove ineffective, but practicing anger management with a person whom you respect more is comparatively effective.

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Drugs Alcohol And Anger




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