Daily Activity Sheet For Toddler

Daily Activity Sheet For Toddler

A number of daily activities can be thought for a toddler and a daily activity sheet can be maintained. This will help to ensure that the toddler is engaged in different activities for a specified number of hours. The daily sheet will also help you keep a track of the routine that best suits the toddler and the kind of activities it is most interested in. Depending on the each day’s log and activities, you can alter and refine the next day’s activities.

Following are a few activities that can be included in the daily activity sheets for toddlers:

Pudding Paint:
Materials required: Instant pudding, coloring for food, small containers for the pudding, long bulletin board paper, soap, and water. You can use hard craft paper instead of a bulletin board paper.

How to do it: Make the pudding and stick the paper on a table with the help of a cellophane tape. The teachers can mix the food coloring with pudding beforehand or can let the kids do it. Give the children a container filled with pudding, each of their own. Now, let the children express themselves once you let them know how the taste and the smell make them feel between the fingers. It would be such a nice scene to let them express themselves and enjoy eating the pudding at the same time!

Phone Book Beams:
Toddlers would use gross motor skills for practicing to walk and balance with this activity, which is inexpensive.

Materials required: Phone books (old ones would do), large paper sheets, and tape.

How to do it: Wrap up the phone books with the help of paper, preferably with only one color. Ensure that the whole book has been wrapped. Put them on the floor and use them as low balance beams for the toddlers.

Animals On A Log:
With this activity involving craft work, toddlers can learn about the animals that live in and on logs.

Materials required: Pictures of animals like ants, turtles, monkeys and other animals that live in or sit on logs, tree branches of at least a foot long, string for hanging up the branches, and tape.

How to do it: Cut out the pictures of the animals or let the children cut them and you can supervise them doing that. Then ask the children to stick the pictures on the stick. Tie a string at both ends on the stick and you can have monkeys sitting on a tree, ants on a log etc.

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Daily Activity Sheet For Toddler