How Music Affects Blood Pressure

How Music Affects Blood Pressure ?

Today, there are many devices for people to listen to music. Many of these devices are portable and can be carried when people are going to work, walking and even jogging in the park. For long time, health experts have been touting the effect of music on healthy, and one of the effects is on blood pressure.

So, how does music affect blood pressure? Ironically, several studies have been carried out to get an answer to this question, and each study has come up with a different answer! One study that took into consideration 23 researchers on the effect of music on blood pressure concluded that people suffer from cardiovascular disease could find listening to music beneficial as it could help in lowering their blood pressure levels. It is important to note that high blood pressure is a risk factor for many heart ailments. Hence, if a person is already suffering from a heart ailment, this could be of considerable benefit to the person. So, basically, this study says that people who listen to music may see their pressure levels going down in due course.

However, another study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center has a totally different result. This study concluded that based on the kind of music people listened to, it could have an effect on the dilation of the blood vessels. In other words, listening to joyful music or music that caused anxiety could have an effect whether the blood vessels dilate or constrict. We all know that when the blood vessels dilate, it aids in lowering the blood pressure. On the other hand, when the blood vessels constrict, it causes the blood pressure to rise. This study claims that people should be listening to happy music in order to get benefit where their blood pressure is concerned.

Finally, one more study found that while there is an association between music and blood pressure, the effect was so miniscule that it could not be taken into consideration. This study claimed that music basically had no effect on lowering or raising the blood pressure. So, those looking for help via listening to music may not experience any effect whatsoever.

Hence, there are different studies that show different responses to music where blood pressure is concerned. While some people may have positive results from listening to music, there are others who may not get the results they are looking for. Hence, it is important that people ensure that when they are using music therapy to lower their blood pressure levels, it is done under the guidance of a qualified therapist.

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How Music Affects Blood Pressure