What To Do Before Blood Test

What To Do Before Blood Test ?

A blood test can give an idea to a doctor as to what could be ailing a person. Along with the symptoms exhibited by the person, a blood test is used to diagnose diseases and illnesses. Hence, in order to ensure that the blood test is properly done, a person has to take some measures prior to the test.

So, what to do before blood test? Make sure you talk to your doctor to find out if there are some foods that you should avoid eating. There are some blood tests that require the person to fast. So, check out whether you need to fast and for how long. If you do not fast for these tests, then the result of the blood test will incorrect and the doctor will not be able to make the right diagnosis. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause the blood test results to go haywire. So, a person should refrain from smoking and drinking for at least 72 hours prior to the test.

Make sure you come early to the lab where the test is going to be conducted. Find out what the procedure for extracting the blood would be and get familiar with it. It is important to inform the lab technician of any medication you are taking, so that he or she can note it down. Also, if necessary, you can inform the technician of relevant medical history.

When finding out about the procedure, find out how much blood will be drawn. Usually, if the technician is good at his or her work, when the blood is extracted, it will be done quickly, efficiently and without causing you too much discomfort. Also, be prepared to have a tourniquet put on your arm.

Once the blood is extracted, you will be asked to put pressure on the cotton swab placed at the extraction site. In a few minutes, the bleeding will stop and you will be able to go home. The extraction may hurt for a day or so and at times you can get slight bruising. This is quite normal and there is nothing to worry. Only if the pain lasts for several days, should you get concerned.

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What To Do Before Blood Test