How Effective Are Urine Tests

How Effective Are Urine Tests ?

Urine tests, also referred to as urinalysis, are conducted in order to see whether there are any abnormalities present in the urine. Basically, urine is the waste that is eliminated from the kidneys in the form of liquid. Many diseases can be found out by checking for the presence of certain abnormalities in the urine. So, if you are wondering how effective are urine tests, you will be surprised to learn that they are actually quite effect, especially when it comes to certain diseases.

A urine test may be requested by a doctor when a person goes for an annual physical check up. The test will allow the doctor to check whether the person has any of the early symptoms of particular diseases, such as diabetes or kidney disease. Also, if a person suffers from diabetes or kidney disease, performing a urine test will help a doctor monitor the condition of the person. It has been seen that when a doctor suspects a urinary infection, presence of proteins in the urine, presence of blood in the urine or confirming whether a woman is pregnant, he or she may request the patient to get a urine test done.

The first lab test to be ever developed was the urine test. In fact, in the ancient times, urine used to be checked visually to figure out whether a person was ill or not. As medical science made advances, methods were developed to begin chemically checking the urine. And, today, this chemical checking of urine gives doctors a more accurate method of diagnosing certain diseases in people.

Hence, it can be said without a doubt that urine tests are quite effective when it comes to diagnosing certain diseases, confirming pregnancy or even establishing illicit drug use.

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How Effective Are Urine Tests