How Long Can They Test Alcohol In Urine

How Long Can They Test Alcohol In Urine ?

The moment a person consumes alcohol, it immediately goes into the bloodstream. Within thirty seconds of entering the bloodstream, the alcohol crosses the blood brain barrier present in the epithelial cells that are located close to the capillaries. From here, the alcohol affects the communication of the nerve cells resulting in blurring of the vision and slurring of speech.

Within five minutes of drinking alcohol, it makes its way into the stomach and within twenty minutes, nearly eighty percent of the alcohol enters into the small intestine. Nearly ninety percent of the alcohol is eliminated from the body via the liver; five percent tends to stay within the air sacs present in the liver; and the remaining five percent is absorbed by the blood. This alcohol that is absorbed by the blood is eliminated from the body by means of the kidneys or urination.

Hence, the next question will be how long can they test alcohol in the urine. The answer to this question is not simple as alcohol can be found in the urine for different periods of time based on the kind of test that is being used. There are some tests that can check the presence of alcohol in the urine for up to forty-eight hours after the person has consumed the alcohol. Then there are other tests that can detect the presence of alcohol in the urine three to four days after the alcohol was drunk. This goes without saying that the latter tests are more accurate for checking whether a person has consumed alcohol as they look for the presence of ethanol alcohol after it has been metabolized by the body. Also, the latter tests are more frequently used by employers who have rules for employees to undergo random urine tests at the workplace.

Hence, anyone consuming alcohol should be careful as there are tests available nowadays that allow employers to find out whether you are a regular alcohol drinker or not. Remember, if the employer comes to know that you regularly consume alcohol, it may affect your chances of going further in your organization. Also, it is everyone's own responsibility to be a responsible drinker.

The amount of alcohol in the blood, and hence the urine, may be detectable long after the person has stopped consuming it based on the amount that still is waiting to be metabolized. This is the reason why urine tests for checking the presence of alcohol are very effective and they can detect the presence of alcohol even days later.

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How Long Can They Test Alcohol In Urine