How To Test For Uric Acid In Urine

How To Test For Uric Acid In Urine ?

Uric acid occurs in the body due to the natural death of the cells of the body and when food is digested by the body. Majority of the uric acid is eliminated from the body through the urine, but a small amount is eliminated through the feces. In case the body is producing too much uric acid, the urine will contain more acid. And, if the kidneys have a problem and they cannot filter out the uric acid from the blood, then the uric acid levels in the urine will be reduced.

So, how is the test for uric acid in urine conducted? The first thing is that a person has to drink a lot of water twenty-four hours prior to the test. In addition, the person should not drink alcohol prior to the test.

In order to test for uric acid, the person has to give all the urine produced over a period of twenty-four hours. The first urine that a person produces after waking up should not be collected. However, the person would have to jot down the time in order to ensure that he or she knows when the twenty-fours are over.

The person would be supplied with a large-sized container that has the capacity to hold one gallon of liquid. This container will have some preservative in it. The person would have to urinate into a clean and small container and then transfer this resultant urine into the container supplied by the laboratory. During the twenty-four hours, this container would have to be refrigerated. Once the final urine sample is added into the container, the time has to be recorded again. Then, the container is handed over to the lab where the analysis of the urine will take place.

Depending on the laboratory, you will get the result of the uric acid test in 1 or 2 days. And, this test will be handed over to you so that your doctor can analyze it.

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How To Test For Uric Acid In Urine