What Is Brown Cervical Mucus During First Trimester ?  

When a woman bleeds during pregnancy, it can be very scary because it could be a sign of abortion. Also, the first trimester is considered as the most delicate time of the pregnancy to the extent that if the baby makes it through the 1st trimester then it will survive the entire pregnancy according to some old wives tales.

Different women experience different symptoms during pregnancy. Some women see brown colored mucus coming out of vagina or cervix in the 1st trimester. The brown colored liquid is actually old blood which is probably coming out of the uterus. The woman’s body is going through several changes in order to meet with the demands of the growing baby inside her. So, as a process of cleaning the brown color blood which is old and was in the uterus is being expelled out. Therefore, there is nothing really to worry when this happen. Sometimes it is in the form of mucus, and sometimes in the form of brown spots.

Also, during the first week of pregnancy the fertilized egg is becoming brown when it is stuck to the walls of the uterus. Even after the pregnancy has been confirmed the egg will still be implanted on to the uterus for several weeks after that. The egg keeps burrowing further into the uterus and it is possible that some blood vessels may burst when such a thing happens. This blood that has come out of the blood vessel may take a few days to reach to the vagina and be expelled out.

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What Is Brown Cervical Mucus During First Trimester ?




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What Is Brown Cervical Mucus During First Trimester ? )
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