How Long Does An Ectopic Pregnancy Last ?  

Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal condition which is also sometimes referred to as tubular pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the fertilized egg instead of moving into the uterus attaches itself somewhere else outside the uterus. Mostly the egg remains in the fallopian tubes and develops there causing sharp pain to the pregnant mother.

In its early stages, this type of pregnancy cannot be detected as an abnormal pregnancy since the blood tests and rest all other tests shows normal results as in case of any normal pregnancy. Then after few weeks, an ultrasound report or subsequent blood reports may reveal that the pregnancy is not normal and will last only for just few weeks.

The fertilized egg when implanted in this way does not get enough nutrition and, therefore, the growth is not in a normal manner. Unfortunately, currently no surgical or medical procedure can shift this egg inside the uterus from these unwanted locations. As a result, the zygote ceases to grow after some time eventually leading to miscarriage.

The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are sharp pain in the abdomen or lower back, vaginal bleeding or spotting, dizziness or fainting, lowered blood pressure and other related pregnancy signs such as nausea.

The first pregnancy test will show a positive result. However, after weeks upon testing the hCG levels there will be no or very minimal increase in the levels confirming to the fact that the pregnancy is an ectopic. Clinically, this type of pregnancy takes place at an average of 7.2 weeks starting from the date of last menstrual period. The range varies form five to eight weeks.

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How Long Does An Ectopic Pregnancy Last ?




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How Long Does An Ectopic Pregnancy Last ? )
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