Essential Pregnancy Tips For Moms With Complications

Essential Pregnancy Tips For Moms With Complications

If a to-be mother is suffering from pregnancy-related complications, she is immediately put in the high risk category, as the baby or mother has a higher chance of suffering from a health problem. This category may sound frightening for a mother, but with proper care and doctor's supervision, you can have normal birth.


Health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, epilepsy, and cancer during pregnancy are the ones that worry the doctor the most. In addition, if the mother is too young or too old, it can be a cause for worry. Even getting infections during pregnancy, such as hepatitis C, rubella, chicken pox or toxoplasmosis can result pregnancy complications.

However, with a few important pregnancy tips, mothers with complications can ride over their ordeal and have a healthy baby. The most important part of a complicated pregnancy is ensuring that you visit your doctor for scheduled appointments. Unlike a mother with no complications, you will have to visit the doctor more often, have more ultrasounds, have your blood pressure checked regularly and possibly have urine tests to rule out warning signs of UTIs and preeclampsia. In addition, the doctor may order genetic tests in case you are over 35 years old.

If the doctor prescribes medications for some health conditions, such as diabetes or elevated blood pressure, ensure that you take them as advised by the doctor. Do not neglect taking your medications because you are worried they may harm the baby. In fact, you will be causing more harm to the baby if you do not take your medications.
Furthermore, if the doctor feels that you should have the baby early, do not get stressed out. Modern science has advanced tremendously in the last few years and preterm babies can survive and lead a normal and healthy life.

Make sure that you eat healthily, including proteins, milk, fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. You are now eating for two and the more nutrients you take, the better the chances of a normal and healthy baby. Also, take vitamin and mineral supplements, as advised by your doctor. This may include multivitamins and iron supplements, as many pregnant women tend to suffer from iron and vitamin deficiencies. Also, take folic acid daily. Most probably your doctor will put you on 0.4 to 0.8mg of the supplement, and this is a must during the first trimester, as it reduces the possibility of neural tube defect in the growing fetus.

Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol. These are anyway no good for health whether you are pregnant or not. Also, do the exercises recommended by your doctor. 

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