What Does Abdominal Pain Mean ?  

The abdominal region of the body extends from the chest to the pelvic region. Numerous vital organs are placed in the region making this a very important anatomical region in the body. A tear or pull to the abdominal muscles or tissues can lead to extreme pain and discomfort in the region. This could occur while performing crunches, weight lifting exercises that place a direct pressure on the abdominal muscles. Failing to perform warm ups before exercising can also lead to abdominal pull causing abdominal pain.

However, a direct pressure or damage on the abdominal walls or muscles is not the only reason for causing abdominal pain. Any injury, damage or inflammation f vital organs placed in the abdominal region like pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen, digestive tract, stomach and liver can also lead to extreme pain in the region. Gastrointestinal disturbances like diarrhea, food poisoning and constipation can also cause severe pain in the abdomen.

A swelling or inflammation of the lower lungs is generally felt in the form of upper abdominal pain. An inflammation of kidneys, displacement of ovaries or ureters can also be felt as abdominal pain, although these organs are not placed in the abdominal region. In some cases, the point of pain is different from the point of origin. This occurs when there so inflammation of pancreas, the pain is felt on the back instead of the abdomen although pancreases placed in the abdomen.

Mild abdominal pain that occurs rarely is not a cause of concern. This could be due to indigestion and generally is diminished with time without requiring any specific medications. A sudden severe abdominal pain is a cause of concern and requires immediate medical examination. A persistent chronic abdominal pain should never be neglected or ignored.

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What Does Abdominal Pain Mean




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