How To Relieve Stomach Cramps

How To Relieve Stomach Cramps ?

Anyone who has suffered from stomach cramps know painful they can be. However, there are several home remedies that can be used to alleviate the pain associated with stomach cramps. However, before checking out how to relieve stomach cramps, it is important to know the cause of the cramps. If the cramps are brought on by a medical problem, then you should immediately visit a doctor. However, if the cramps are brought on by gas, constipation, menstruation, food poisoning or overeating, then you can try a home remedy.

Once you have identified that the cramps are not due to an underlying health problem, you can begin the home remedy. Here is how to relieve stomach cramps using home remedies:

  • If the stomach cramps are mild, then it is best to do a breathing exercise to divert the mind. This will help the person relax until the cramps fade away. Before beginning the breathing exercise, make sure that you sit a comfortable chair. It is advisable to use the fast and shallow breathing technique to help cope with the pain. This technique should be continued until the pain disappears or improves.
  • Many people get stomach cramps due to overeating or consuming something that is difficult for the stomach to digest. Under these circumstances, it is best to stay away from food until the cramps pass. Instead the person should be looking to consume fluids. Make sure that you sip the fluids and not guzzle them down. In case the stomach cramps are accompanied with vomiting, then no food should be consumed for six hours after the last vomit. Stick just to drinking plain water, broths or clear soups.
  • Eat foods that a stomach friendly such as banana, crackers, rice and apple source. Stay away from tomatoes, tomato-based products, junk food, dairy products and acidic food.
  • As strange as it may sound, but doing light exercise can actually help to get relief from stomach cramps. You can walk around the house or do some light abdominal exercises to stretch the muscles that are cramping. Yoga is also considered to be very good for alleviating stomach cramps. There are some yoga postures that are stomach friendly like reclining hero and fish posture.
  • Another way to get relief from stomach cramps is by placing hot compress on the stomach. This can be made by using a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • In case the stomach cramps are due to indigestion or gas, then you will get instant relief if you pass gas. So, try to do this and not get embarrassed about it.
  • Another way to relieve stomach cramps is by lying down and relaxing. You can even place a moist and cool washcloth on your forehead while lying down with your eyes closed. This will help you relax until the cramps fade away.

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How To Relieve Stomach Cramps